Saturday, January 29, 2011

Lao Seng for yr2011 & The Hill


yeah...CNY coming soon~
and the girls decide to have Lou Shang dinner @ Pantai Seafood Restauarnt, Kayu Ara.

 suppose have 16 of us but end up only 12 of us ....
and we got a giant table  ><

 Lou shang!!!
good year ahead for everyone ~~

order quite lots of dishes for the dinner ...
a delicious mela we have & did chill qhile during the dinner.

after dinner
we heading to The Hill
a new lounge that has been open 4 months plus
at Damansara Heights

 located on the hill top ...
good atmosphere & nice enviroment!
nice place to chill out!

 for the belated birthday celebration for Michelle Yip

 a new place to explore many unique cocktail drinks ....  :)
* watermelon slush, (Vodka, Lychee Liqueur, Watermelon)
* Bamboo Zen, the so called Kung Fu Panda's fovorite beverage
(Vodka, Apricot Liqueur, Green Tea)
* Weed Killer
(Absinthe, Rum, Vodka, Gin, Tequila, Creme De Menthe, Apple Juice)

they free us one round of Jaegerbomb ...
and onwards we continuous order 3times,
one round was treat by Michelle the birthdya girl!!!

 nice one!!!!
they used sparkling red bull ... Best taste!!!

for CNY ...for our friendship & also for the birthdya girl!!!

chilling & drinking all night untill 12.30am.
some of us left quite early ...
but we spent so long to collect our "valet parking"car -.-

anyway, was a great night gather up so many friends~
HaPPy ChiNeSe NeW YeaR!!!!!

Monday, January 24, 2011

KL day with girls & Jojo


outing with the girls & jojo

Me. Valerie & Jojo
have our brunch - Fish head noodle at Lorong Mangga, Jalan Ipoh

after that we went to Time Square to meet up Yin Shaet
4 of us started to wak & shop

before heading to Sg.Wang
we MUST have our Curry Fish Ball @ Low Yat

also order 1/4 of roasted duck!!!
 about 4pm
@ we met up with Maybelline & Maggine too~
ladies shopping ... for another 2hours we Ciaoz and Bye bye to each others.


Val & Jojo brought me to
Ho Cheng Yun area have our light dinner - Beef Noodle!!
like the soup...quite nice & delicious~~
price are cheap too!

tiring outing day with them ...
but quite enjoy  =)))

Ivan & Yee Wei B'day @ Socail KL & 7atenine


dinner ...
travel down to KL with Wei Yi. Steph Teo & Grace
to attend our dear Yee Wei & Ivan B'day Celebration
@ Social KL, G Tower

 12 of us attend the dinner
and we share all the dishes ...

 with a simple brownies as our mini birthday cake to two of them
HAPPY BiRthDAY ~~~26th dy!!!!!!!!!!   :)

 after our dessert
we went to 7atenine at Ascott KL

 10 of us with our drinks
cheers ... thanks Ivan b'day boy for the treat of vodka

and late night
others came to join us ...
Tammy. Debbie, Eu Nice  ....

Steve. Peter. Khoo ...etc~~

the atmosphere at 7atenine not bad!
kinda happening & enjoy ...
just I'm quite tired & left at 12.30am

like this kind of dinner & drink+chilling session with my friends~~  :)

Chic Pop Bazaar


went to Jaya One with my sister for Bazaar Street Market organized by Chic Pop
we have our brunch at
 Tappers Cafe

foods not bad ....   :)

after that we start our shopping ...
asking my sis to buy rather than I spent
because I'm lack of $$$   :p

hang until 3pm
we end up our shopping day~

did met feew friends at the bazaar too!
quite fun anyway~

Shin Hui's 21st B'day


my cousin Shin Hui turned to be 21st on 20 Jan
She have a celebration with family, relative & friends
@ The Club Cafe, Bukit Utama

Uncle Aunty & Shin Hui

have buffet dinner ...

 the 21st Jelly cake
make from one of my uncle's god sister.
always that yummy & with full of effort!

 cousin .....


 HaPPy BiRthDaY girl~~~~

disco time ...
cousin did employed a MC/DJ for that night

 everyone quite enjoy dancing with all the R&B songs

 when come to the Mambo Jumbo old song ...
aunty & my mum turn to dance!!!
"Cha Cha"  lol~~~

and even the small little cousin sisters ... love dancing too.
end the event at 12am.

was a great night with relative again~

Friday, January 21, 2011

Bangkok Wasabe + Ecoba


Thaipusam public holiday!!!
Eevon ajak for dinner together @ Bangkok Wasabe, Dataran Sunway
with Steph Leong, Kimberly & Michelle

 order quite lots of dishes
nice nice nice!!!
yummy too~~

 after meal,
we took lots of pic with camera & iphone "lomo lomo"app!!!!

decided to go Ecoba
to meet up Sheng. Alex & Sherrie as chilling session

Ecoba have new menu
and we get the in-house sofa seat
with cute dolls~~
 5 of us started to use self-timer setting to took lots of pictures!!!
was quite fun & funny   =)))
enjoy it !!!

cheers ...
cut cut cut....I been cutting down my alcohol quite awhile!
order a glass of cranberry juice for myself  ;)

anyway onwards have few birthday celebration to catch up!!!
hope I manage to reduce drinking alcohol!   ;)

I ciaoz home to sleep after that... due I'm quite tired!
but others the hardcore clubber went 4Play, Zouk!!!  LOL~~