Friday, July 29, 2011

Makan Makan Reunion


yeah~~Moscow Dr.Tan & Singapore Deloitte auditor Yi Min Tan back to M'sia &
we have a Makan Makan trip Reunion down to Melacca

early morning, me Stea & Sook Teng went down to Seremban pick up Zhi Ying.

 and we did drop by for Seremban siew bao too...
10am we depart to Melacca - Yi Min's house

 we reach Melacca at 11:30am and yi min reach at 12:30pm
so 4 of us decide to do to the town for some foods first
 Nodese famous with it layer cheese cakes.

 with layer cheese cake & coffee... awesome tea time for us.
 after tea- time we did went to next door - Pork Satay's my favorite because cant get any pork satay in KL

after explored two meal...
we heading to Yi Min Tan house ...
been two years never visit her house.
the familiar room...we sat down and chilling for an hour
 and back to the town under a hot sun ... continue craving with Melacca's foods
 not to missed this
chicken rice ball @ He Ji

 snap shot at Jonker street ...
 under the hot weather, a bowl of cendol is wonderful for us.

 leave some foots print on red house etc ....

 after that we to go to decide Aeon Jusco which is the biggest Jusco in M'sia
for a Chinese movie - Wu Xia
 after movie it is about 7pm
we heading to Portuguese Village for dinner and also meet up with Tze Xin

 we choose No.7 restaurant ...because we have total of 7pax. include Tze Xin's husband.
 otak otak
 mango juice
 food we order :
yummy yummy~

 great & tiring day for all of us
 after bath ... we continue skype with Canada - Kang Jun and chilling before go to the bed.


woke up at 9:30am
heading to our brunch at 11am - dim sum
 we were all starving and within 20min we finished up 27plates  :p
after brunch we went back to pick up aunty and back to the town - Mods Cafe
suggested by Yi Min
the cafe is small but full with cute & interesting decoration...this really attract me.

 cheese cake, tiramisu cake. bruschetta & apple crumble...

 chocolate ice  drinks
 with mocha. late. coffee etc...

 a group picture in the cafe and also a ending of the reunion for all of us.
was a cheerful & great reunion with all of them.

non-stop of laughing & gossiping was the best of the moment!
 looking forward the next one!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

B'day Bash for the big piece of MEAT & Welcome to KL

today is Valerie Birthday
she & her bf- Joseph back Singapore.
for weekend trip in KL

miss two of them so much....
because before they leave to Sg for work. we used to hang out a lot.

we meet up in the evening and have dinner @ Ole Ole Bali @ Sunway Pyramid

 Valerie's sister tag along - Samantha

 4 of us enjoyed the meal...
after that we walk in to @live
 tonight we will have a birthday bash for Valerie...
with two bottle of Black Label & two tower of Tiger

 happy birthday "big pieces" of Meat...

they is only 10 of us in a group for that night...
the liquor were definitely enough for us and they are 3 didn't & not really drink
like me. Jun & Samantha
 ladies of the night
Jun. Valerie. Maybeline. Samantha. Shene Yin & Me
 guys...Henleey. Joseph. Ray & Ah Zhun

 happy birthday to Valerie....25th dy!!!! :p

 we pour & cheers & drank ... everyone get kinda tipsy in the half way..
especially the b'day girl. Jospeh & Henleey ...
 started to make lots of fool action..
Joseph dance werid..and stand & sleep
Valerie pose funny & puke 4th times.

 met Koon & some high school friends :)
 *behind row
 the night end at 2am quite early!
because the birthday girl. Joseph & Henleey were nearly gone!!!

it was a fun celebration night for us.
never expect have so much fun just 10 of us...
maybe because it's too much of liquor for just 7 of them who are drinking.. :p



5 of us met up for dinner @ Jalan Aloh.
because those study before in Melbourne miss Si Chuan food...and I'm love Si Chuan foods too.

 not too miss out order Wong Ah Hwa chicken wings & hokkien mee...

 and also Si Chuan spicy frog & chicken ...

 after meal,
we went to Baan26 @ Changkat for some drinks & chill

chit-chat teasing & laughing...until 11pm we decide to leave. because everyone feel tired & sleepy.



before Val & Jo leave to Sg +  Henleey & xzb back to KK
we have our favorite brunch - Bakuteh @ Dataran Sunway, Kota Damansara.

after meal...say goodbye to Jojo & Val

me. xzb & Henleey went to Pyramid have a shopping and 3:30pm ggoodbye with two of them too.

was an awesome weekend with them ... like it!
looking forward coming weekend gathering with my high school zi mui :)