Monday, April 25, 2011

Weekend so ON!!!!


weekend arrived!!!
as everyone love it so much~

my weekend was so ON!!!!
with bunch of KK friendssssss ... as I called them KK lang.
they are from KK, Sabah.~
and some of them leaving to S'pore to work soon
and some of them going back KK for good ...
so recently hang out often with them before they leave.

dinner at 7pm with Billy @ Victoria station, Damansara Height
 hahaha.... it was the first time I went to Victoria station  =p
the atmosphere in the restaurant was not bad!
and it was corwd when we leave, good business!

 have a bottle of australia white wine ...
wuuuu...I was quite tipsy after have this :S
ishhhh~~~    -.-lll
failure ><

 we have half dozen of oyster ... steak as main course
 slamon & lamb
 ice cream as dessert ^^

after dinner
we went to One U watch - Limitless
the movie so so only... and I was kinda tipsy & fall asleep during the movie  =p

after movie, we went to Overtime, Tropicana City Mall met up others
for drinks
 and surprisingly I met little nooby Shaet with his Kuching colleague sitting at the corner!
I recognized her hair-band & her top!!!

end up, we join their table with Kok Wee, Billy, Jospeh & Valerie
 when I met her she had 4glasses of laychee cocktail
and seem a bit hyper & tipsy...
so I like tease her  >< evil me!!!!

 6 of us played lots of games!!!
from 007 Bang > Charged Battery "zhu zhu zhu"+ "ji ji ji" + "ziu ziuuu~"
and also frog game & thumb up!!!

It was funny that Nooby shaet lose quite lot of time
and everyone as well!
 it was a fun night with sweet & laugh~~
 the night end at 1.30am with tired.


Easter Day!!
natural woke up late in the afternoon ...
recharged myself to have a great day again!

went to have bubble tea ice with Valerie & Yin Shaet
@ Chatime, SS2 Mall

 we chit-caht gossip..sharing shooting quite a lot!
 two of them stay near my house ... and they are leaving soon...
and I knew them from xzb shene yin ... it was jus few months back ago...
and we're now become good friends!

 okay....this shocking is interesting with some stories behind!
just noted it here as a "funny" memory for us~

Dinner time!
4 of us include Joseph went to Setapak met up Billy, Aubrey & Andy ...
went to a chinese mamak restaurant
behind Tawakal Hospital @ Setapak
finally I have the chance to try it!

 hokkien mee. kuey teow. fried sotong. fried pork. lala

after meal
we went to Wangsa Maju - Feeling Cafe
yam cha & listen to the live band

 we have our flowers tea
rose & lavendar ....

 Joseph. Aubrey.Andy

 Billy & Me
Yin Shaet & Aubrey
they are "mei ren" =)

hang until 10:30pm
we ciaoz to face the Monday Blue -.-lll

our Weekend was so ON!!!!!!

Tsu Peng's Birthday @ Duta Vista


it was Good Friday!!!
and also Tsu Peng's 23rd Birthday party held @ Duta Vista
she's my cousin best friend...met her & knew her quite long.
she's is sweet & smart girl ^^
 Duta Vista, hahaha...i think they really not allowed us to party anymore at there place
as usual we been complain of noisy ><

but still dono how they managed to get the room  =)

I arrived quite late after brought my Kuching Best friend - Christina's family to have Fatty Crab & durian ...
it was crowded inside the unit.... with friends~ 
 everyone play games with alcohol !!!!
and circle up to sang birthday songs to the birthday girl!
 ladies of the night

 my same age cousin sister - Yi Ling

 the guy that brought along his new treasure DSLR...and I'm so like it!!!!

 my cousin - Jiun. Nixon . their friend, never managed to have her name =p

 with the birthday girl  =)

 man of the night!!!

 me, cousin & sister help to serve the cakes ...
and we curi makan the stawberry  =p

 my youngest sister Nicole & her dear Shaun

 once again,
wish Peng Happy Brithay
and stay happy & pretty all the times~

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Foods Trip to the South


have a foods trip down to the south with bunch of KK lang~

1st destination was to Seremban, my 2nd home which i have spent my secondary school life there for 5years.
went to their Pasar Pagi to have famous Beef Noodle

 after that we reach Melacca about afternoon
4 of us,
Me, Billy, Jojo & Valerie went to have go-kart first ...
M'sia biggets Go-kart!!
it was quite excited & fun 10min ride until it rain heavy ><

lunch time - Chicken Rice ^^
 total of 12 of us ... most of them KK lang, only 3 or not :)

 have our dessert
ice-kacang ...durain favor :)

 happily & enjoy walking around in Melacca Town ....
 evening 5:30pm
we went for our early dinner - Satay Celup

 after dinner
we went to Jonker Walk night market
to have some light snacks
 durian pancake

 "you yu"

 potato ....

 durian puff

 "muo ji"

 met my cousin as well  ^^

on the way travel back home
we stop by Seremban for supper again!
-Grill Crabs-
 was an awesome foods trip ...
have ate a lot...until now I'm flu ><

anyway, really enjoy the whole day trip with bunch of friends~  :)