Monday, March 28, 2011

Equatorial Hotel KL


invite my dear Sherrie to attend her cousin'wedding @ Eqatorial Hotel, KL
with Eevon & Kimberly
in the evening me & eevon went to Jalan Aloh to grab some foods back to hotel
 the fella enjoy eating her "öh jian", chicken wings, tom yum   =)
delicious & yummmy

after that we started to make-up & prepared

 start camwhore-ing after we done our make-up  =p

 the wedding dinner start about 8pm

 eevon & sherrie
 kimberly & me

was an awesome dinner with delicious dishes & great live band
but due to I woke up too early in the morning for Cheng Meng
and I'm quite tired
and after dinner we went back hotel room to sleep
without drinking Eevon's vodka


early morning at 6am
Kim & Eevon woke up and prepared & leave early for work

Me & Sherrie woke up at 8am
join her grandma & aunties for breakfast in hotel

I always Love Hotel breakfast  ^^
western. malaysian foods. chinese & japan...
lots of variety ... FULL~~~


"Ching Meng"@ Triang, Pahang


after lunch
me & my family back to my dad's hometown - Triang for Cheng Meng
when we reach Triang is about 6pm
we deicde to go to the restaurant we used to visit
for the fresh river prawns   :)
 this time not steamed
we try up the fried one!
delicious ;)

 the boss free us a fish dessert too

about 9pm
my singapore cousin were back
and we join them for supper @ Lok Tian Seafood Restaurant
 glad to gather up with them and update the latest situation of everyone!

 hokkien mee, my favorite too~

next day
we woke up at 5am in the morning
to prepared things that for pray ...
 spent whole morning to pray my great grand parent & grand parent...

Kenji ^^
this nephew is so cute with teh curly hairstyle  :)

was a simple yet tired 2day 1night trip at hometown.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Okasan's Birthday Dinner


Mum's birthday!!!
she decide to have steamboat at home...
wow been so long never steamboat at home
and for this 2 and the half yera new house, was the 1st time

Abbie my eldest sister missed out this,
and she will be very envy!!!

 lots of foods ...
fish ball. fish. pork. beef. prawn. tofu. vege. etc ........

 get my mum a Promod cardigan & card  =))

I like this picture so much
because everyone smile & look good =)))

Happy Birthday MUM!!!!!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Otosan's Birthday


after work
dinner for daddy's Birthday @ Pantai Seafood Restaurant, Kayu Ara.
with family & Nicole's bf- Shaun
 have a simple grand meal
oyster. fish. sotong. lala. vege. crabs
 also sharkfin for parent

 our family potrait
but Abbie Lim, elder sister was not around with us.

gift from all the daughter ... Braun Buffel's wallet
Happy Birthday Papa ...
stay happy. healthy ...
Thanks for everything ...

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Kok Wee's B'day Dinner & Drinks session


Belated celebrationw ith Kok Wee for his B'day
on last Friday

few of us the ladies decide to have dinner @ Bangkok Wasabe

 the foods are nice & delicious~

 suppose we (ladies) treat the B'day boy
but don't when Kok Wee went to pay the bill
Thank You so much for the yummy meal~

near by for 2nd round
Movida @ Giza Mall

guinness & magarita cocktail
chill untill 11pm we ciaoz

once again Happy Belated Birthday to Kok Wee & thanks for the treat!  =)

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Syn's Pre-Bachelor Night


White Valentine's Day
Syn invite her cousin Sherrie. Me & Stefanie
for a drinks @ Wip, Bangsar Shopping Center
as his pre-bachelor night
my 1st visit to here
was a awesome atmosphere place to chill or dinning
in love with the place
Stef get herself pint of Kilkenny
& I've a glass of Peach Mojito

yeah, Han Syn
our best brother, congraz him for his coming soon wedding with Kelly
& always remember the days me & Stef visit to Shanghai, he treat us well!!!!


the girl not in mood on taking picture
so I candid it  =p

Nice chilling session & discussion for Zi Mui's thingy during Syn's wedding
Thanks Syn for the treat on 2bottle of white wine  =)


after that
we went Sea Park for Mamak
the quite famous Nasi Lemak
Indo Mee too
my favourite!!

Great Nitez
reach home at 1am  =p


Enrich Sunday


have promise Yin Shaet early
bringt her to try up @ Levain

early morning woke up at 7:50am ><
depart to KL at 9am with Yin Shaet
to have our brekafast,
thanks Yin Shaet for your treat  =))
JoJo & Valarie
came to join us too
great morning we have~

after that,
we decide to go to Sg.Wang shopping
the 6th floor few shop that we love!!
the Yin shaet the shopaholic for the day!
we shop for 2 hours
and we went for our favourite Curry Fish Ball & drinks
always won't miss out this!!!!
adios after this...

we gather up again & together with Billy & Aubrey
@ Tang Shifu , Uptown DJ

6 of us have a great healthy meal

after that we decide to go Picadilly @ Millenium Square,SS14
for yum cha
happy chilling session
but all of us seem quite tired at the end ...
due to "Monday Blue" LOL~~~

was a enrich Sunday outing with them!