Thursday, October 27, 2011

NieNie earlier B'day Celebration


Tomorrow is Deepavali public holiday!
so we decide to celebrate earlier birthday dinner with Annie :)
@ Kinaree Thailand Restaurant, Jaya One.

simple great dinner spending time with Yimi & Annie,
at least we have chit-chat and updated recent news.

in advance to Annie,
~ HaPPy BirThDaY ~

I'll remind myself on 1Nov again :)

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Wilson & Steve Birthday Bash


belated celebration for Wilson
and pre-celebration for Steve
@ Phuture, Zouk
 Happ Birthday to both of my brothers ^^
 that night with animal gang roughly 10 of us
plus my sister. yvonne tan and their friends ...

 after so long, get to gather with them. but never managed to catch up much because inside the club!
but still glad to see all of them here.
off early at 12:40am  :p
sorry have to be Cinderella.

anyway, catch up again on next birthday celebration!

1st time to KL@live


Stef & Qin.Ru purposely come to KL and meet up for dinner
and club

We have our dinner @ Zanmai Sushi, Low Yat Plaza KL.
and the first time I explored KL@live Club
6 of us... Kim. Stef. QRu. Sherrie & Me... (Tasha not inside the pic)

quite enjoyed from 10pm-1am
maybe because of bunch of ladies, we got 4towers treated by others. :)
was a great night catching up with the ladies.

Amazing Friendship (Back to September)

19.9.2011 - 30.9.2011
the oversea guests from Germany. United State & Japan
visit to Malaysia, to attend my sister's wedding and also a holidays for them.
 was glad to know all of them
we have a fun dinner together on 23.9.2011 @ 23 Unique Seafood Restaurant.
the young group

Nicole. Birgit. Florian. Sean. Fidi. Bigi.Matthias. Ben. Barbara. Abbie. Tobbias
Jurgen. Michael. Fabian. Martina. Me. Karla. Christian. Jackie

 my brother in law sang chinese song - " Ni Shi Wo Lao Po"

we went to Luna bar on 24th Saturday night
and we were so lucky that they have pool party ....
all of us wearing bikini and playing inside the pool

 aunty Leonie

Aunty Angie & uncle Christoph


Florian & Birgit


Karla. Abbie. Nicole. Debbie. Martina. Ben. Bigi
my sister parent in law
Uncle Eugen & Aunty Birgit

Luna Bar was the place all of us getting close to each other
after alcohol and playing inside the pool ....

and of cause
4D3N Tioman Island (25-28.9.2011)
brought us more fun & enjoyment

 snorkeling together ...

 goodbye to David. Mary & Jerry on 27.9.2011

after that we went to Jungle Tracking

at night we always sat at the beach side and have our duty free beer
chilling & singing together

this was the last night we enjoy together ... and have to say goodbye to few of them  :'(

went to Malacca day trip

have steamboat dinner @ Damansara Village PJ
everyone experience lots of local foods ...

the night before everyone leave...
again, to say goodbye to all of you on 30.9.2011
8:30pm sending 10 of them to KLIA

September was the great month I had
hope to "back to September" but impossible
is very stressful being wedding planner & tour planner for all of them...but also I had gain experience,
so the memories we had together will always keep in my mind.

it was an amazing new friendship for all of us~

Europe Trip

Sept 2011
my first Europe trip with family and relative
main purpose is to attend my sister - Abbie's wedding @ Black Forest, Germany.

31.8.2011 we took mid-night flight to Paris, and we arrived Paris in the morning of 1.9.2011
went to visit some Paris city orientation tour, Arc De Triumph. Eiffel-tower. Gallery Lafayette etc.

the next day,  we took internal flight from Paris to Milan

 Duomo church

  galleria vittorio emanuelle

 Da Vinci

and also Fox Town factory outlet at the border between Italy & Switzerland. 

 have our huge pizza dinner

before heading to Venice
we drop by at Verona

4.9.2011 - 6.9.2011
Venice Trip
 then to Venice Island
 by boat

 Venice the beautiful island

6.9.2011 - 8.9.2011
Lugano. Zurich & Lucerne

 Switzerland was a beautiful country
especially Lugano
we stop by there for lunch located on top of the hill
 with a wonderful scene
 staying in Zurich hotel
but we travel to Lucerne for our tour.
 Mountain  Titlis
nice scenery and with snow ... freezing cold!!!

our tour guide Annie and sisters

8.9.2011 - 11 .9.2011
Black Forest
 stayed in Alder Hotel, St. Roman street
located in a small town and outskirt of Black Forest
and get to meet up with my Sister - Abbie and brother in law and his family.
this hotel is very nice and beautiful, surrounded with natural.

went to visit Freiburg City, one of the Black Forest city

 and also Titisee
a town which is famous on coco-clock

have a pre-wedding dinner party on 9.9.2011 @ Hotel Alder

 glass blowing factory to experience the process

and Evening 4pm
my sister Abbie & Tobias wedding!!!!

 my first time to attend a church wedding in Europe.
welcome our new member  Tobias Huber
and now I've a family in Germany.

 group pictures with all the guests
get to met lots of people and friends.
 have wine session outside the hotel garden
after that the dinner held inside the hotel restaurant.

the last day in Black Forest. goodbye to all of you~
 heading back to Paris and stayed for another two night.
 continue explored some places & non-stop of shopping

also get to met up with my Tokyo friend - Taka.

conclusion, was a good experience for me have a great vocation in Europe.
also very happy with my sister's wedding.

back to Malaysia, started to prepared M'sia wedding & tour for the guests. :)