Tuesday, May 24, 2011


14.5.11 - 23.5.11
(Saturday - Monday)

yeah...friends ViVi & Zai Zai from Taipei visit us in this period.
nearly 2weeks.
begining of teh 4days they were @ Cherating Club Med
I bring them around for foods & some places on & off~
Vivi actually was the 5th time visit to M'sia
ZaiZai was 2nd time, the 1st time she visit never really explored a lot.

1st night we met up was at Velvet Club
as their are clubber
Zai Zai love to dance (*the one in peace finger)
ViVi (the girl beside zai zai) love club with bunch of friends.
 the night was combine few occassion to club together
and we have almost 50pax ++
quite happening... and Zai Zai quite good & hot while dancing on stage!
and Vivi did get tipsy drunk on that night.
awesome 1st night for them.


after chilling @ Ecoba.
brought them to Al-Safa mamak near my house for supper & shisha
 1st time they have cheap shisha compare to M'sia
and enjoy having roti tissue. indo mee. nasi lemak ....
 chit-chat to 2am only I went home & rest.


Vivi's bf - Nanas have start work.
so I helped to bring them around.
afternoon bring them for Dim Sum @ Damansara Jaya.
 after that
we went to Sungai Wang...
and spent the day shopping until dinner time only we back to Setia Alam
dinner with Nanas's family @ Babe restaurant, Klang.


day time,
I went to work so two of them was at home do housework & rest

at night, 10pm
me. Nicole & Billy
met up Nanas. ViVi & Zai Zai @ Sky Bar, Trader Hotel

 they like sky bar
as they amazed by the scenary of KL twin tower night view.

 order a bottle of red wine & nancho for us


after sky bar
we went to Jalan Aloh - Ah Hwa restaurant for supper
and let ZaiZai try some local hawkers foods
 Hokien Mee.
fried Lala
BBQ fish
Chicken Wings
Satay with chicken. beef & lamb
 she enjoyed ate a lot!!!!!
the night end at 1am plus too .... another late night.


lunch time
bring two of them for Meng Kei Char Siew @ Glenmarie near my working place
 after that
drop them to Sunway Pyramid for shopping
and I back to work.

at night,
we invite them explore @live
 Thai Live band
since Vivi had visit Zouk 5th time...so we bring her a different club to explored

the next day was the day Valerie leaving back to KK and later to Singapore to work with her bf - Joseph
 the night we have quite some friends...
Ray, Maybeline. Me. Valerie. Joseph.

Stef. Yvonne Tan. Bo Ying ...
Tasha. Jamie
 and not to missed out the two vip
ViVi & Zai Zai

 live band show...

 the girls ...

 the guys as well...
vincent. fatt. nick. rexx.....
we have total of 4 label & 1 tower of beer ...
good enough for 19 of us

 Nanas Vivi & Zai Zai
limited place for Zai Zai dance ...  =.=

 we actually have lots of fun singing and dancing
of cause Í've my words I quit...and I really never drink any sip on that night ^^

too bad that the taiwan guests have the experience
and as me my first time as well
- Police Check - at 2am  ><
stop our enjoyable mood  =(
 after that I went home at 2:30am
but Stefanie turn to bring them to "Lai Gong" kopitiam for supper @ Sunway Mentari
until 3:30am -.-

the weekend never managed to join them
as they been visit to Bukit Tinggi & Genting Highland.

the day before they leave

bring them to KL Bukit Bintang again!
to Lot 10 food court "shi hao hu tong"for our late lunch at 4pm

 hokkien mee

 char siew mee

 har mee

 ice kacang & cendol

 Zai Zai & Vivi enjoy shopping in Zara. & Charles & Keith

 we did drop by at KL's big field with the clock building for a few snap shots

and last destination to end the day & me with them
was Mamak at 11:30pm , somewhere in Setia Alam
 nasi lemak

 mee goreng
 cheese nann

rojak as well ...
and also roti bomb ...
as Zai Zai really like sweet foods.
mission complete!!!!
to bring two of them for foods & some places.
hope they really enjoy it!

and now I fall sick ... ><

but still I did enjoy hanging out with them
lots of fun~
will see them again when I visit Taipei & will miss you both, keep in touch in net!

Stefanie's House Warming


Stef & her family move to their new house @ Sri Carcosa, Seremeban 2

 they invite us to her house for her house warming party.
outlook of her house

 Living room

 dining room



 upstair living room

 master bed room


 fitting room


 this's is Chassette :)

kimberly. yvonne. me. sherrie
 4 of us who reach early...
we started to stay in the 2nd living room for drinks...snack...

 the party have karaoke session!

 and my favourite bbq lamb
 sherrie. Stef . me

 we also explore's their new toy - automatic mahjong table

 Stef's mum in white and her sisters from Taiwan
and also her friends & nephew.

 dinner with buffet!!! we are craving of it!

 that day itself was her brother - Jackson Aw's 21st birthday

 with the parent...aunty & uncle

 Luk Luk car too~

 Gasper & Koon was invited to join us too ...
it's was a fun night chilling together and laughing together with nowadays kids!!!! ><

 and we never staop drinking...Stef keep served us lots of white & red wine and also champagne ...
the night we nearly have 6bottles.

 have a group picture with aunty

 the hunger continue have taiwan maggie as supper after the grand buffet meal
but it tasted really good!

 2nd from the left is Camy Aw, stef's sister

 good night at 2am
was a simple great night hang with bestie.

next morning before heading back to PJ
we have our brunch @ Teo Hing teo chew porridge kopitiam
and we also bought some siew pao too!

nice house nice party nice gathering!