Monday, February 13, 2012

The Dragon Year 2012

 the Dragon Year for 2012
was happening to me

My sister Abbie & brother in law came back from Germany for cny
but Nicole sister went to State for study so our family member still missing one.
 the day both of them arrive was 21st Jan
my bro in law - Tobias's 30th Birthday
gave him a surprise bu buying him a cake and sang birthday song together with bunch of cousin.
 we also have our pre cny reunion dinner @ Tropicana Uncle Tee's house.

important for chinese to have a Reunion dinner
the first time I spent reunion dinner in KL
and we have our dinner at Crystal Crown - 
Chef Rasa Sayang Restaurant

 with my relative and have our ang pao too :)


1st day of CNY
we have vegetarian lunch @ Uncl Tey's house

 simple day to go tru
until evening,
we attend Eric Soo's open house @ Damansara Height.


Aunty invite us to her house for Bakuteh brunch
 after our brunch we heading to Genting Highland with my family
 wohoo~~ enjoy with the cold weather
 instead of going into the casino.
I prefer a coffee in the cold moment with magazine =)


4th day of Luna January
we were invited to Uncle's Tee house again for BAKUTEH!!
yeah~ again~  =) delicious....

open house @ Uncle Tee's house
today is the day for relative & staffs

enjoy the night meeting up all the relative & staffs


second day of open house at uncle Tee's house for relative & friends.
but I went to attend Sheng's open house for dinner
met up with friends.
some of the friends we have quite long never catch up
so it's FUN & precious to me.
 after Sheng's place
went back to Uncle's house to meet my fmaily & relative.
another late happy late night for me again~


went to KL Pavilion with my sister & bro in law
 have our lunch @ Kampachi
and shopping awhile ...
in the evening, with family went to Damansara Village Steamboat for dinner



Hokkien festival
Bai Ti Gong

at night my relative have potluck party at Uncle Tey's house as past years


daddy mummy 5th aunt Abbie & Tobias
we drove down to Ampang Korean town for lunch

lunch with family & relative @ Ah Wet Thai Restaurant
which new open and located in Kampung Kayu Ara

 kinda like their foods because it's taste good
just we need to wait quite long for them to served the dishes.

Dinner again I've Thai foods with Animal for our CNY reunion.
after dinner everyone gather at my house to chill & gamble :)

overall my CNY was happening with foods. relative & friends
lucky never gain my weight as I'm still maintain myself to go gym often!

goodbye to my sister Abbie & Tobias on 4.2.2012 (Saturday)
I wonder when will be the next trip they viist Malaysia again :'(

anyway, New Year new began ... ...
all the best to everyone and also myself~
wish my dream come true!