Sunday, February 27, 2011

Segamat Mama's Hometown


early morning depart to Segamat, my mum's hometown
trip as craving for "kampung" foods & memorable day for great grand parents, grandpa etc.

reach Segamat about 10:30am
1st station
- Nan Yang Coffee Shop -

 roti bakar with steam eggs & kopi ais!!!!   =)

Lunch time,
went to Yik Kee for Wan Tan Mee

and continue for 2nd lunch @ Leng Kee

 "bak gie"soup  ^^

 also take away a pack of "Motorbike"chee cheong fun   =)

after relaxing hair wash at salon
we have snack time at 4pm plus
@ ayam Goreng McDota, seem like a fast food restaurant
(only Segamat available)

 crispy fried chciken ... quite big!!!! hmmmrr~~~ Satisfied!!!!!

Dinner @ Siang Hai Ji chinese restaurant
 with bunch of relative ... lots of nephew & neices .... all the kids!
very happening & happy~
 Michael's car Doremon ... ^^ muacks~~ good night for the day with tons of mealssssssss


Kuey Teow soup as breakfast not to miss it!!!!
 went to my cousin;s mum's coffee shop
have our coffee & kuey teow soup ....

 always my favorite one!!!!

after that heading to grandma house @ Kg. Kuali, Segamat
those one two three uncle's family have reached from KL
 pray ... as memorable day for our ancestry ...
with lots of foodssss
quite grand  ^^
 typical hokkien foodss ....
and above foods is our Lunch after pray!!!

snack :
 dry tofu =)
another delicious one!

dessert during the hot weather:

before leaving back to PJ
take away 30packs of Yik Kee Wan Tan Mee
cool one~~

have a wonderful trip back to my mama's hometown
and I gain 1kg  ><

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Sing K + Crazy Camwhore Nitez


after dinner with family & uncle & aunty @ Fatty Crab...
wen tot meet up the guys & girls for Sing K
@ Loud Speaker, Dataran Sunway
 Valerie. Jojo. Yin Shaet. Maybelline. Ray & Maggie
6 of us ...sang from 10:30pm to 1:30am

camwhore alot with the girl same birthday with ME
- Yin Shaet -
by using the iphone Lomo Lomo app

 have tons of funny shots & camwhores pics!!!!
did not really concentrate on singing but taking picturessssss~~

Yin Shaet drop me to my aunty's house
annd tag along with Jojo & Val to their car somewhere near by ...
but her car full of stuffsssss
and two of them have to seat like this!!!!
LOL~~~~~ ><

quite sleepy night for me ...
but still did enjoy it!!!

great soud of Maybelline & Maggie~bravo!

Phuture's Upstair & Downstair Bash!!!!


another Bash nigt with the friends @ Phuture again
table at the upstair & dancing on the downstair ...
up & dpwn up & down ... a tiring & mess nights for us!
 quite lots of people joining this time ...
Me. Stef. Kim. Tasha. Kok Wee. Saw
Nicole. Steph Teo. Valerie. Maybelline. Kicky. Bonnie Khor
Rene. Vincci
Jordan Gan. Sue En
Frank. Daniel. Reuben etc..........

my dearest friend!!!
leaving back to United for good~
take care bro~~ see u again!!!!  ^^

the ladies .... label & long island make us mess & enjoy for the night!
not a bad day~~  =)

Adios to Leong & Gigi


gathering with bunch of girls after work
for dinner + movie
as an adios for Steph Leong & Gigi
before they back Melbourne!

decide to have dinner @ Xian Ding Wei
Taiwan Restaurant ....

Me. Sherrie. Steph Lim. Eevon. Gigi & steph Leong
6 of us ... dinner & cran from 7pm - 8:30pm

 took some candid shots & camwhore as well!!!!

after that...say bye bye to Steph Lim
and 5 of us plus Gigi's boy
went for Movie... a amazing Musical cum Drama Movie
 awsome make-up. costume & dancing performace!!!!
music were GREAT too!!!!

seldom watch musical movie...
but this movie by Cher & Christina Aguilera
really attract me & Like the Movie!!!!!   =))

have a simple great night with the girls...
Take care Leong & Gigi
ctahc up again next trip when You're back!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

My Wonderful SUNDAY!!!


it's is Sunday,
woke up very late due last niht slept at 6.15am ><
I'm Happy & good day ahead because my dad gave me RM500 this afternoon!!!

went to Taman Mayang Jaya for Bakuteh brunch with family & met my relative were there having brunch too

 and my little neice - Joey was there to have a hair cut
she sat quietly ... cuteeee  ;))


after my brunch
I went to One Utama meet up with Eevon them ...
it was about 4pm  -.-
only they started to have their 1st meal of the day @ BBQ Plaza.

 Ali. Evvon & Me

 Johan & Claire

 Zan & Claire
I joined them eat a bit as well .... my stomach full of meat...
from bakuteh to Bar.B.Q Plaza.

 we were talking about last night stories & joke in Zouk.
and laughing at the "shit" of what Eevon have did~~~
this is how the fella Aw drunk & slept pose  !!! Wahahahha~~~
funny bestie!

bye bye to them at 5.30pm

Me & my dad have dinner with clients @ Unique Seafood 23, section 13 PJ.

order lots of dishes .... luxury one!!!
Lobster. Canada Oyster. Abalone
Australia Geoduck. Japan Snail. Lobster fried Mee Hun
Vege with Prawns & Lala

 I been eating non-stop since 12pm until 9pm
really FULL~ ~~~

still it's was a Wonderful Sunday I have~